My name is Mike and I am proud to be born and raised as part of the Karen hill-tribe. I grew up in a Karen village and love sharing about my community and culture with others as a tour guide.

As a Karen, I can truly offer you an authentic and ethical hill tribe trekking experience, introducing you to my Karen friends, family as well as sharing with you stories about local places and how I grew up there. As part of the Karen community, I make sure the money you spend on your tour goes back into supporting the local community.

Join me on a spectacular trekking tour through the remote jungles of Northern Thailand! Go on a one, two, or three-day excursion with me. Enjoy breathtaking views on a guided tour through the trails and mountains north of Chiang Mai. My treks are a one-of-a-kind journey into lush, green, mostly-unseen jungles, and provide a unique opportunity to experience the authentic culture of the native hill tribes.

I am fiercely proud of my hill-tribe heritage and want to give you as deep and immersive an experience of my culture as possible. Spend a night in a Karen village! Spend a second night in a Lahu village! Eat their food…learn their language…wear their clothing…discover their culture. Your tour will also include light to moderate trekking depending on your desires, as well as bamboo rafting, and a visit with rescued elephants!

If you are interested in a personalized or group trekking tour out of Chiang Mai, please contact me directly by phone (+66 979246431) or Gmail (mike.authentic.trekking@gmail.com).

We will do everything to make your tour the most unforgettable memory of your travels here in Thailand.